TÜV-tested Online Portal


E-commerce is booming. Ever-increasing numbers of traders are competing for the favour of consumers. Not all of them are serious. Having a certificate that signals to customers that their personal data are safe from abuse is a distinct advantage. And it’s a clear advantage for traders, too.

Certification contents

  • reliable protection for customer data,
  • legally compliant contracts, and
  • data protection conformity with the Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG).

At the heart of the certification are the basic principles of IT security according to the state of the art, as these are laid down in the basic IT protection of the German Federal Agency for IT Security (BSI). Parts of the international standard for information security management systems, ISO/IEC 27000 are applied for the audit. For the user, the seal signals that the provider fully meets all the legal requirements.

Additionally, TÜV Saarland scrutinises the consumer friendliness of the fundamental principles of each offering. These can vary, depending on the content of the offering. For example: If, in the context of a property deal, the value of a specific property is determined, this must be done using software that is recognised by the professional community.