TÜV Customer Satisfaction Seal


Satisfied customers are happy to speak about their positive experience. That’s the best publicity a company can receive. It’s a good thing that customer satisfaction can be measured. TÜV Saarland has developed a reliable system to measure customer satisfaction with a neutral system over the long term.

We select a representative sample that includes all customer groups. Only those companies are certified that score “good” or “very good” in a set of defined key questions, and whose customers are prepared to recommend the company to others.

About our Testing Methods

TÜV Saarland develops a customer evaluation form for each company, according to the specific characteristics of its sector. The selected customers score the company on a variety of aspects of their service, on their overall satisfaction and their intention to pass on their recommendation to others. One-time customers are included, as well as regular customers.

The TÜV Saarland market and social researchers assess the results and draw up their reports. If the company scores the required values for overall satisfaction, individual satisfaction points and readiness to recommend the company, it is awarded the TÜV Customer Satisfaction Seal.

Simple Handling and Full Service

TÜV Saarland plans and organises all the required testing phases, and guides the company through the process. As a TÜV customer, we keep your internal involvement to a minimum.

Transparency and Trustworthiness

The TÜV Saarland customer satisfaction test results are stored in our certification database. There, users can inform themselves of the most important test results, and also confirm that the seal is genuine.

You can find out more about the TÜV Customer Satisfaction Seal here