Permit Management


It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find their way through the jungle of regulatory approvals. Environmental regulations, technical requirements, administrative guidelines – there’s valuable support available for all those who want to stay on the safe side.

The publically certified and sworn experts at proTerra Umweltschutz- und Managementberatung GmbH Umweltgutachter can assist you with:

  • the preparation and implementation of approval procedures in accordance with the Federal Emissions Control Act (BImSchG) and the Water Resources Act (WHG) – for example, procedurally correct filing, the clarification of the type and scope of application documents necessary, meeting authorities’ schedules
  • the preparation of application and approval documents
  • drafting expert reports (e.g. forecasting air and noise pollution and smells; surveys as per the Environmental Impact Assessment Act (UVPG), environmental protection surveys, safety assessments)
  • document preparation (e.g. Administrative Direction for Substances Harmful to Water – VAwS; the hazardous substances register)
  • responses to requirements and ancillary provisions in relation to legal hearings
  • consulting on the implementation of requirements and ancillary provisions in operational practice
  • and offering professional support throughout the approval process (participation on discussions with authorities, scoping procedures, hearings,
  • and meetings with local authorities)