IT Security Management in Accordance – ISO 27001


Anyone who wants to protect sensitive data insists on ISO 27001. This standard sets high requirements for technical and organisational measures. The guidelines, the required efficacy screening and the optimisation loops ensure that data and information are optimally secured, and that IT services remain permanently available. This increases the business value of your IT services.

IT Security is a Matter for the Boss

Data security affects the entire company – including each and every individual. Managers and executive boards in particular are legally required to guarantee and maintain appropriate IT security for their companies.

The Core Values of ISO 27001:

  • CONFIDENTIALITY: Under no circumstances may data become accessible to the broader public. The disclosure and publication of data is undesirable. Confidential information must be protected through technical means.
  • INTEGRITY: Sensitive information must not be falsified. Data must be complete and correct, and the correct functioning of systems must be guaranteed.
  • ACCESSABILITY: Important information must be accessible. Availability (or uptime) defines the time in which a system remains accessible. Along with maintenance intervals, system downtimes cost companies money. Systems must therefore generally be available and accessible.

For the Protection of the Company

IT systems that are always reliable and functioning, and that secure all processes and information paths, are of key importance to companies today. The goal is to minimise risks within the company and company networks, and to proactively deal with any threats.

Nothing is Easy at the Beginning – It’s Worth It

Data and information are sensitive company assets. They need to be handled with the care and consideration appropriate to their importance. Employees need to be able to access data and information remotely. In order to solve the conflict between maximum accessibility and the highest degree of security, clearly regulated, multi-stage and interdependent security structures are essential. ISO/IEC 27001 sets the requirements for this. A long-term implementation secures the company’s assets.