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The digitisation of business processes makes the theme of data protection more urgent with every day that passes. The most recent business models are based on the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of data. Only those companies that make IT security and data protection a top priority will be successful in this field.

We can provide comprehensive advice for your company, and inspect your data protection and IT organisation. After a successful test or audit, our experts certify your company in both the accredited and the non-accredited areas.

Data Protection & IT Security

Ever more data need to be analysed and processed more quickly – both in the manufacturing and in the services sector. This increases the dependence of all companies on the reliability of their IT and communications technology. Due to this dependence, the security of IT systems and data is of decisive importance for the success of a company.

Additionally, companies and public authorities are legally obliged to handle personal data with care. The German Corporate Control and Transparency Act (KonTraG) and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) address aspects of IT security and define data requiring protection, as well as corporate areas worthy of protection. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standardises the rules for processing personal data by private companies and public agencies across the bloc.

In order to protect systems and data from threats, such as technical failure, system abuse (e.g. unauthorised data modification), espionage or theft, each company requires a precisely considered, consistent system that is adapted to the needs of the company.

TÜV Saarland offers a variety of different coordinated services.

Consulting / External Data Protection Officers (DPO)

Our experts can support you in guaranteeing data protection in your business at the least possible cost to you by establishing a holistic, efficient system. This can be done for individual projects or through the appointment of an external data protection officer.

Testing Digital Infrastructure

TÜV Saarland helps companies to raise their IT security levels. Through audits and technical testing, our experts analyse existing IT protection mechanisms, from a compact basic analysis to penetration testing. On the basis of these analyses, we develop security proposals that suit your company and the required security level, and that of course also meet the legal requirements (compliance).


TÜV Saarland independently and neutrally certifies your corporate processes. Certification on the basis of the DIN EN ISO 27001 (IT security management) standard, the requirements of the BSI (BSI basic protection) and the requirements of your data protection organisation are becoming ever more important in this area. We offer testing and certification programmes that are specially developed for start-ups and online services.

External IT Security Officer

Appointing an external IT security officer gives you two distinct advantages: You benefit from the comprehensive expertise of a specialist, and you avoid any possible conflict of interests if, for example, the IT security officer and your own IT manager are one and the same person.

External IT security officers consider the many different requirements of IT security. These include the key areas of risk analysis, IT governance and IT compliance. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, external IT security officers offer a professional and cost-effective alternative, since internal costs remain manageable, while comprehensive specialist expertise is available to your company.

External data protection officer

TÜV-tested data protection

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