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About us

TÜV Saarland... innovation and safety!


TÜV Saarland e.V. emerged from the association Pfälzischer Dampfkessel- Revisions-Verein, which was established in 1871. According to its official charter, the object of the company is "to protect people, the environment and property from detrimental effects resulting from of any kind of technical system or device."

In order to uphold this essential aim while maintaining its entrepreneurial independence, TÜV Saarland has focused on customer-oriented services outside of the traditional official fields of activity. Innovations combined with a flexible, customer-oriented approach and less red tape have seen the company enjoy outstanding and profitable growth in these new business segments for many years now. TÜV Saarland's mould-breaking approach is characterised by its organisation as a group comprising individual companies, each focused on their respective target markets, and the transfer of its traditional automotive and industrial service segments to minority undertakings.

TÜV® and TÜV Saarland® are registered trademarks.

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